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Retreat Options

Private Group Custom Retreats

This type of retreat is for small private groups of 2-10 people. These can be couples, families, or friends who wish to go through the experience together. The group gets the whole retreat center to themselves and chooses what they wish to incorporate into their own private retreat. We have a list of different private healing sessions, workshops, and ceremonies to choose from as well as different types of plant baths to cleanse and energize the body, different dietary options etc. The group can choose before hand what they would like for their personalized retreat and for how many days they would like to stay. They would have us (the hosts) and the space all to themselves and best of all our prices are affordable!!! We are very open to reviewing a group's particular situation and coming up with an arrangement that works. Groups are also welcome to book a stay without previously committing to any activities and may decide what to participate in on site.

Individual Healing Journey

For this type of retreat the individual stays for a desired amount of days (suggested is one week minimum) at the retreat center for a personal healing journey tailored to his/her needs. The individual may choose the activities and services they would like to have for their retreat or they may ask us to help come up with a plan for their stay. During this time there may or may not be other guests at the retreat center simultaneously going through their own personal healing journeys. There is a maximum of three individual healing journeys overlapping at one time so let us know what your preferred dates are to ensure availability. Booking at least two weeks ahead of time is strongly recommended. Individuals are welcome to book a stay without previously committing to any activities and can decide to participate in when on site.

Organized 10-day Retreats

For these organized retreats anyone can sign up (individuals, couples, families, friends etc.) These retreats are created by us with a particular theme such as Spiritual healing, meditation, sound healing, body and soul cleansing, etc. When we have an organized retreat coming up we will provide a detailed retreat schedule and an affordable all inclusive price that will include transportation to and from Liberia airport to the retreat center (or San Jose airport for an extra fee), accommodations, three meals per day, a day trip to some beautiful place, and whole host of activities. Booking for these retreats one month ahead of time is strongly recommended and a special early bird price will be offered for those who do so. We will announce 10 day retreats when they become available.

Visiting us for the Day (and or Night)

If you are in Costa Rica and want to come over to Echoes of Light retreat center for a workshop or a ceremony or even just to spend the day or night here we are happy to have you, let us know what you have in mind by contacting us via email before hand and we can plan accordingly. We often have ceremonies here open to all who wish to join us, whether it be a sweat-lodge or an all night healing ceremony so contact us with your availability and we will do our best to accommodate you.

For an idea about pricing for any specific activity of interest please check the pricing section under services tab.

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