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Getting to and from the Retreat Center


The retreat center location is 2 hours away from Liberia and 4-5 hours from the San Jose airport.

Getting Here

It is possible to get here (or very close to here) by bus for roughly $10 USD, though in some cases you would have to take more than one bus and it doesn’t always work for everyone’s arrival schedule. For a little extra (or included in your 10 day retreat package) we can arrange transportation for those who wish to get a comfortable and quick service to the retreat center from Liberia airport. We can also arrange a shuttle from San Jose for a group price of $250 USD. From San Jose, if you arrive before 4PM, you can take the UPALA bus in San Jose’s Pulmitan de Liberia Bus Station or near the airport at the Radial bus station in Alajuela. Please contact us directly and ahead of time with your travel plans and the form of transportation you would like to use to get here. We will then give you the necessary instructions.

Leaving Here

 Please make your travel arrangements to be able to leave on the day after your retreat ends. For the 10 day retreat this would be on day 11, and have enough time to get to the airport. We suggest booking flights no earlier than 11 am (if possible. For those travelling to San Jose who wish to pay extra and get a shuttle service, that is always an option, however, it is quite easy to take a bus from here directly to the San Jose airport for less than $10 USD. Any flights leaving before 11 am from San Jose would be too early and would require you to spend a night in San Jose to be able to catch your flight.

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