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Private Healing Sessions


Crystals and Light

Through energy work using crystals guests  receives help in balancing their energy and ridding themselves of stagnant energy or blockages. Offered by Valerie and Lauren.

Uterus Cleaning and Cutting of Energetic Cords

The uterus is energetically cleansed of foreign energies deposited there through sexual intercourse. Energetic cords through which energy is being fed to previous sexual partners are removed. In order to do this work it is necessary to compile a list of all sexual partners in the past seven years. Cutting of chords can also be done for men ridding them of the energetic connections with previous lovers. This session is offered by Valerie.

Customized Reiki

This intuitive treatment unites various healing methods to restore balance and enhance wellbeing by nurturing and transforming energies in both the physical and emotional body.  In these personalized sessions, Reiki energy healing and other energy healing techniques are integrated with aromatherapy, sound healing, and use of crystals to promote healing. These sessions will help to balance, realign and brighten the chakras while instilling peace, harmony, grounding and self-love. Offered by Lauren. 

Body Work 

After a brief consultation to discuss the discomforts the client wishes to release a custom massage is provided. During the body work session pressure is placed on different points on the body to release stagnant or blocked energy. Offered by Valerie or Rurico.

Ayurvedic Nutritional Consultation

Find out what body type you have according to the Ayurvedic philosophy and receive dietary guidance in order to best benefit your body’s needs. Offered by Valerie or Lauren. 


Share and receive council during a one on one session with Valerie.

Energetic Clearing

Diverse methods are used for a general clearing of the aura and energetic field. Offered by Valerie or Rurico.

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