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Each workshop is approximately two hours long. All materials will be provided (except crystals which will be sold separately).

Crystal Wrapping


 Participants will learn to wrap their crystal with copper, brass, or silver wire to make of it a pendant that they may wear on a necklace for example. Crystals will be sold on site (for an additional cost), or participants may bring their own crystal from home. The crystals can be energetically cleansed and then charged throughout the retreat on our ceremonial altars.

Medicine Pouch Crocheting


Participants will be taught to crochet their own little medicine pouch that can be worn around their neck. It can be used to carry sacred objects or medicines such as a crystal, tobacco, cedar, etc.

Drum Crafting

Participants will make their own drum with the help and guidance of Rurico a Mexican artisan and drum maker (this workshop must be booked ahead of time).


Rattle Crafting


Participants will make their own rattle using natural elements such as wood, seeds, beads, shells, feathers, leather, etc.

Chocolate Making


Learn to make, and enjoy eating, artisanal all natural handmade chocolates.​

Mexica (Aztec) Dance


Lead by Rurico, a Mexican mexica dancer and drummer, spend two hours learning the sacred art of mexica (aztec) dancing.​

Beaded Loom Bracelet Making


Participants will be taught to make their own beaded loom bracelet.

Dreamcatcher Crafting

Participants will create a personal dream catcher using a hoop, suede lace, string and decorative materials. 


Learning Ceremonial Songs


Learn ceremonial songs sung with drum, rattle, guitar and other instruments.

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