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Sacred Healing Journeys


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Kambo is a traditional cleanser that is used by several tribes of the Amazonian jungle. Kambo is extracted from the secretions of the Giant Green Tree Frog. Consisting of many peptides that are beneficial for the human body, Kambo is a strong antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial substance and a powerful way to naturally boost the immune system. Application of Kambo stimulates deep purging which detoxifies internal organs and provides a full body cleanse. Spiritually, Kambo may be experienced as a light that opens the doorway to our higher self, helping us to release what no longer serves us. Kambo clears our energy field and realigns our chakras, enabling us to break negative habits and live more in alignment with our highest self.  Short term effects of Kambo can include, but are not limited to, enhanced mood, alertness, clarity, increased ability to focus and increased energy levels. Long term effects of Kambo can help a variety of medical conditions including, but not limited to, depression, organ disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, circulatory problems and Alzheimer’s.

Cacao Ceremony

Traditionally Cacao is used as a heart opening healing brew. A hot drink of ceremonial-grade organic cacao fresh from our garden is shared in a ritual setting. In addition to being a heart opening healing brew, Cacao is also packed with vitamins and minerals and has many health benefits: It increases blood flow to the brain which helps to strengthen awareness and focus, It helps the body to heal, detoxify and gives the immune system a good boost. All participants are required to share from the heart throughout the ceremony. 



While rapé is often made of several Amazonian plants, the core of most rapé snuffs is the tobacco. In addition to tobacco, rapé usually includes the ashes of other Amazonian plants such as cinnamon, tonka bean, clover, banana peel, or mint, but many tribes keep the exact ingredients of their particular rapé a secret.


The tobacco and other ingredients are ground into a fine powder, which is then blown or snorted high into each of the nostril cavities through a ceremonial pipe made of bone or bamboo. 


Benefits of Rapé:

  • Helps focus and sharpen the mind.

  • Clears a person or space of distracting, negative energies in preparation for intention.

  • Detoxes both body and mind and clears your energetic field. Because of this, rapé is often used in conjunction with ayahuasca ceremonies.

  • Clears sinuses of mucus and bacteria, thereby helping to combat colds and respiratory ailments.

  • Provides a calming, grounding effect on the emotions that lasts much longer that the initial sensation.

  • Can be used in conjunction with other treatments for addiction and mental illness.



Sananga is commonly made from the roots and bark of Tabernaemontana undulata, a shrub which is found in Brazil and other South American countries. The bark and root is ground into a very fine powder and then extracted into a juice.


Sananga is mostly utilized by the tribes found in the Amazon. Some tribes in the Amazon region use Sananga to sharpen their night vision while hunting, however, sananga does more than that. This sacred and powerful plant extract is used to treat and prevent ocular diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, farsightedness, nearsightedness and even blindness.

This powerful eye drop has a healing power that is more spiritual than physical, and has the capacity to increase insight in the minds of those who use it. Sananga is commonly used in preparation for ayahuasca ceremonies due to its capacity to increase visual perception, enhance colors and remove unwanted energy.

For more info on Sacred Healing Journeys, Please Contact Us

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