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What to Bring

  • Bring some warm clothing as evenings can get a bit chilly, it can get warm during the day time so bring some summer clothes too


  • Though you will be provided with a tent, towel, and basic bedding (a thin mattress, a pillow and a blanket), we suggest bringing your own sleeping bag or an extra blanket as it may get a bit cold at night


  • Raincoat and an umbrella


  • Flashlight (headlamp recommended) and extra batteries. It may be useful to have a solar powered or rechargeable camping light to use in your tent. 


  • All natural toiletries (soap, and hair washing products especially, as they will go directly from shower into the earth)


  • Natural mosquito repellent


  • Bathing suit


  • Sandals or shoes and boots appropriate for hiking (rain boots recommended)


  • A laundry bag


  • Some clothes for the sweat lodge (a sarong, a dress or long skirt or shorts and t-shirt are fine) these clothes will get muddy and sweaty so don't expect to use them anywhere other than the lodge


  • Some ceremony clothes (comfortable, warm clothing, we suggest long loose-fitting skirts for women and long loose-fitting pants for men) (no black clothing permitted)


  • A reusable water bottle (no plastic disposable ones) the water here is fresh from the spring, wonderful and delicious for drinking. 


  • A thermos or travel coffee mug


  • Any musical instruments you would like to play


  • Reading, writing, and art material (especially a notebook and pen)


  • All natural snacks (if you feel the need to munch between meals please bring your own snacks, try and bring all natural snacks low in sugar, salt, and spice)


  •  Natural incense/candles (in case you want to burn some in or near your tent)


  • A crystal and or any other sacred objects you would like to have with you (we will also have some for sale at market)

What NOT to Bring

  • Try to minimize or bring NO disposable plastic or products with chemicals 


  • No drugs, alcohol, or pharmaceutical medication (unless authorized by retreat organizers, please let us know ahead of time and get special authorization)


  • No cigarettes (though if you feel the need to smoke tobacco then please bring a natural chemical free variety)


  • Minimize technology: We encourage disconnecting from all technology while here, if you have a phone with you to use as an alarm clock or flashlight that is fine but please keep it as much as possible on airplane more. WiFi is available for occasional use when participants needs to communicate with family or friends.

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