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Work With the Sacred Feminine


We do sacred feminine work in order to honor and strengthen our relationship with the divine celestial mother, that sacred feminine aspect which forms part of all of us and of our sacred mother Earth. The feminine aspect of creation and creator is what connects us to the celestial realms, and with that part of ourselves which is as a mother, a nurturer, sweet gentle and affectionate, living in harmony with nature. It is important for all human beings to reconcile with their sacred feminine. To strengthen that aspect of themselves in order to come back into balance internally and externally, opening themselves to connect more deeply with their intuition and to receive spiritual guidance and gifts from the mystical celestial realms in order to form a relationship with the earth which is healthy and harmonious.


During these gatherings certain themes relevant to women are spoken about. It is also a time a prayer, song, and creativity. These gatherings are a time to heal relationships between women and to heal ourselves through the inspiration and support of other women. Through the healing we receive, we help heal our partners, families, and communities.


This type of work is usually done at night, preferably when the moon is full, and can last from 2 to 4 hours. It may be done in a sweat-lodge, around a fire, or indoors as well. The ceremonial design is flexible and intuitive, because the importance is not so much in the design of the ceremony itself, but in the intention and the energy that is called in to heal and work with the divine feminine aspect. As Valerie is a carrier of an obsidian moon dance pipe, she often chooses to share her pipe in a prayer ceremony during these gatherings. Sometimes medicine is shared as well. 

Moon Planting Ceremony

Participating women offer their menstrual or moon blood to mother earth among other gifts (can be flowers or special stones etc.)These moon planting ceremonies help women bring healing to their uterus and honor to the earth, and is also a time for praying and thanksgiving for our lives, communities, and families. We also share moon prayer pipes uniting in a common purpose for prayer

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