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10 Day Retreats 


  • January 24th - February 3rd​

Paying for the retreat: When you first sign up you will be asked to pay a non-refundable 200$ deposit via paypal or bank transfer to a US bank account. That will secure your spot in the retreat and will be discounted from the total price of the retreat. You can either pay the rest in cash when you get here or via paypal or bank transfer up to 1 week before you arrive.

If you truly cannot afford retreat prices but would like to participate in a retreat please contact us with your particular situation and we will see what we can arrange.

10 day Retreats (for groups of 10) are scheduled approximately once per month. In order to be able to afford to put on the 10 day retreat at the price of 888 we need to have at least 5 participants sign up for the retreat, if the retreat does not have at least 5 participants then the retreat center may decide to cancel the retreat in which case the deposit will be refunded or they may present the small group with the option to pay custom retreat prices (approximately 1100-1200) for the regular 10 day retreat.

Custom Retreats
Custom private group retreats (for 4 to 10 people) can be scheduled anytime when other group retreats are not happening. Please contact the retreat center and we can come up with something that works for you.
** In order to book a retreat please fill out a sign up sheet (you can find it under booking / documents), and paste it into an email to the retreat center. Someone from your group must be in charge of requesting the customized retreat and communicating back and forth with the retreat center for the organization of the retreat. If you are the person requesting the customized retreat for a group of people please fill out the sign up sheet for group organizer specifying all activities, meal type, workshops…that you would like to request for your group, and have all other participants contact us directly having filled out the sign up sheet that says “sign up sheet for custom retreat participants”. A deposit of 800$ (which would cover deposits for 4 participants) must have been paid to the retreat center in order to secure dates for the custom retreat. 


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